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Follow Installation.
Step 2
In the binary directory (../bin/ from the prespective of the buiild/ directory) you'll find a number of command line tools.
  • Iindex
  • Isearch
  • ...
The Iindex command is used to create indexes.
Iindex -d /tmp/FOO shakespeare.xml
will create an index called "FOO" in the /tmp directory containing the contents of the XML file shakespeare.xml
The Iindex command has a lot of options.
Step 3
To search the FOO index use use the command line tool Isearch
Isearch -d /tmp/FOO to be or not to be
This will perform a "smart search" in the index defined in /tmp/FOO for the ordered words: to be or not to be
Step 4
The engine supports not just "smart search" but a number of other query languages as well as a large number of ranking functions. Please read the documentation for additional details.
For more detailed information, check out the Design Document:
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