In this reduced guide we assume you have g++/gcc-10 installed and are running Ubuntu x86 64-bit. If you run into any problems when building the source or want to customize your installation, please refer to Installation (Advanced) for further information.



  • libdl - This is used for dynamic loading. It should be part of your core OS.

  • libz In package zlib. It should be part of your core OS.

You may want and/or need:

  • libmagic (in Package: libmagic-dev )

  • Berkeley DB (in Package: libdb-dev)

Clone the Repository

Pull source from master using

git clone https://github.com/re-Isearch/re-Isearch.git

Go into the build/ directory

cd re-Isearch/build/

Remove old objects ;)

make clean

Run the Makefile Make sure that you are using the makefile for your OS! for example for Ubuntu:

make -f Makefile.ubuntu
(Optional) Build Plugins

If you want to use plugins (e.g. for indexing PDFs or other (third party) doctypes), install them using

make Plugins

If your console didn't return any errors when building, you should be got to go. Test your installation by performing a search:

🎂pageYour First Search

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